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About GoThisPlace: While the UK market is saturated with travel and tourism websites, offering articles and advice from every area, this patchy, sometimes user generated, often scraped content can make actual exploration into a tedious task more akin to futile foraging than a useful feature. GoThisPlace contains the single largest database of fun places to go within the UK, at over eleven thousand day time attractions, coupled with a unique natural language search, that actually works called Geo Text Search. This allows the Average Joe to find places they wish to go, using tools designed for the common man not computers, with the sound knowledge that all results are current and comprehensive.

Prove it. Sometimes it's hard for people to see that they are free of the old and tired free-text search paradigm so prevalent; you type keywords that are then matched to popular web pages. Whereas what you actually want is for your words to be 'understood' and answered. Best haunted castles within 50 miles of Cardiff. Yes your favourite search engine could return correct results for that request if somebody somewhere had the forethought to write that web page, and have it ranked, but what about; most popular beaches in Somerset or Dorset. A truly powerful search engine doesn't just match your words with a pre-existing webpage, it dissects your request into territories and types, rules and reason and answers it with attractions that actually conform - just as a human would answer: Horse riding in Hertfordshire or Herefordshire or Hampshire.

Along with a unique search GoThisPlace offers a consistent interface for your results; with a brief description, nearby attractions, opening times, admission prices, five day weather forecasts, links to further online information, user comments and questions.



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