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Welcome to GoThisPlace, we're tried to keep our home page simple.
Contains a search box and a few examples to show the power of Geo Text Search technology.


Natural language

Unlike most search pages we don't use free text technology, the sort you've seen and used on such websites as Google and Wikipedia, we use a type called Geo Text Search. This means that searches are closer to the type you might ask another human being. Now the quality of searches always depend on the information stored behind them, in our case we have created the whole database for the sole purpose of creating location based natural language searches. Instead of trying to be a jack of all trades, like free text search, it has one purpose; hunting down attractions within known boundaries.


Distances are calculated from a location, that location depends on what GoThisPlace can figure out.
If a clause like 'near Leeds' or 'around Leicestershire', then Leeds or Leicestershire are used as the starting position for all distance calculations. Otherwise If you have logged in and your profile contains your home location, then this is used as the starting position.
If neither of these are correct then Charing Cross in central London is used.
When calculating distances it's not done from a point to point distance but from the edge of one place to the nearest edge of another. This can give answers less than you might be expecting, especially if you used to seeing point to point distances.
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