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English occupation from the Norman period onwards has left Wales with many of the finest medieval castles to be found within the British Isles. Glamorgan contains more than its fair share, many in varying states of repair from complete with full access to earthworks with partial stone wall remains.
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    Cardiff Castle - 115 Miles (8.4)
    Cardiff Castle (Welsh: Castell Caerdydd) is a medieval castle and Victorian revival mansion, transf…Similar
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    Castell Morgraig - 116 Miles (6.9)
    The remains of a castle situated close to the Caerphilly/Thornhill border known as Castell Morgraig…Similar
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    Twmpath Castle - 116 Miles (3.4)
    30 foot high mound.Similar
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    Dinas Powys Castle - 117 Miles (6.4)
    Remains of a Norman castle and the adjacent Cwm Gorge was the site of the celtic hill fort from whi…Similar
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    Caerau Castle Ringwork - 118 Miles (5.9)
    Triangular, enclosed area 5.1ha., 400m(East-West) by 250m at base. Bivallate with two entrances, pl…Similar
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    Castell Coch - 118 Miles (5.9)
    Castell Coch (English translation: Red Castle) is a 19th century Gothic Revival castle built on the…Similar
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    Barry Castle - 120 Miles (5.4)
    Barry Castle is a small ruined two-storey gatehouse with the adjacent walls of a hall located in th…Similar
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    Penmark Castle - 122 Miles (4.9)
    13th century castle. Overlooking the 30m deep ravine of the River Waycock north of the local church…Similar
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    Liege Castle - 123 Miles (7.4)
    Liege Castle is a moated fortifed manor. Also Castell Moel which is a iron age fort.Similar
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    Morlais Castle - 123 Miles (5.9)
    Morlais Castle is a 12th century castle located above the Taff Gorge near the town of Merthyr Tydfi…Similar
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    Llantrisant Castle - 123 Miles (3.4)
    Llantrisant Castle stands in parkland in the centre of the town though only one wall of the raven t…Similar
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    Cyfarthfa Castle - 123 Miles (7.9)
    Fine and decorative art collections, including Swansea, Nantgarw and Wedgwood porcelain. Also socia…Similar
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    Llanquian Castle - 124 Miles (2.4)
    Ringwork with some wall remaining.Similar
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    St Quintins Castle - 127 Miles (6.4)
    The castle itself is a rectangular stone walled enclosure, roughly 64 metres East to West. The wall…Similar
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    Coity Castle - 131 Miles (6.4)
    Coity Castle is a Norman castle in the community of Coity Higher near the town of Bridgend. The cas…Similar
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    Newcastle Castle - 132 Miles (6.4)
    Twelfth century stone castle located on Newcastle Hill in the town of Bridgend.Similar
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    Ogmore Castle - 133 Miles (5.9)
    Ogmore Castle is situated on the south bank of the River Ewenny shortly before it joins with the Ri…Similar
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    Dunraven Bay - 133 Miles (3.4)
    A sand and pebble Blue Flag bay located on the Glamorgan Heritage Coast. Popular with surfers and c…Similar
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    Candleston Castle - 134 Miles (4.9)
    Despite its name it was a fortified manor house built during the later parts of the 14th century. I…Similar
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    Llangynwyd castle - 135 Miles (2.9)
    The ruins of Llangynwyd castle.Similar
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    Pen Y Castell - 139 Miles (6.4)
    Site of an early fortification. Possibly a Roman Camp.Similar
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    Kenfig Castle - 139 Miles (4.9)
    The Castle and Town were founded in the 12th century but, by the middle of the 15th century, the sa…Similar
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    Neath Castle - 141 Miles (5.2)
    Originally started as a minor castle with earthworks in the early 12th Century by Robert, Earl of G…Similar
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    Penller Castle - 147 Miles (4.9)
    Earthworks of castle dating from late 13 century.Similar
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    Swansea Castle - 147 Miles (4.4)
    Swansea Castle was founded by Henry de Beaumont in 1106 as the caput of the lordship of Gower. The …Similar
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