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    Fort Doyle - 151 Miles
    A small fortification which was designed to house three heavy guns. This was also used in the light…Similar
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    Fort Le Marchant - 151 Miles
    A fort that dates back to 1680. This was the largest fortification in northern guernsey. This fort …Similar
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    Pied Du Boeuf - 151 Miles
    This is believed to be a stone that remains from a stone circle that was destroyed during the 19th …Similar
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    Houmet Paradis - 151 Miles
    A small tidal Island of the east coast of guernsey, connected by a causeway. This island is importa…Similar
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    Dehus - 151 Miles
    A large ancient passage tomb, covered by a grassy mound. It is very well lit so the carving on the …Similar
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    Grand Pre - 151 Miles
    This is an important breeding ground for Reed Warblers, Cetti's Warblers and Reed Buntings. Migrat…Similar
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    LAncresse Common - 152 Miles
    A large flat common which has napoleonic loop hole tower fortifications. There are also neolithic m…Similar
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    La Varde - 152 Miles
    This ancient neolithic burial chamber is the largest in Guernsey. The mound has a diameter of 18 me…Similar
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    La Platte Mare - 152 Miles
    The remains of two small dolmens. The dolmen on the west is in better condition and has cap stone. …Similar
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    Les Fouaillages - 152 Miles
    This ancient monumental tomb dates to around 4,500BC, and is one of the oldest structures in Europ…Similar
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    Crocq Pierhead - 152 Miles
    A small lighthouse with a red cylindrical, cast iron tower on top of an stone base which holds equi…Similar
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    Vale Church - 152 Miles
    This church was originally built as a priory around the year 986AD. This church was built on a site…Similar
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    A museum about diamonds, showing them how where they come from, and following them from the strart …Similar
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    This is possibly the second largest menhir in Guernsey. There were many menhirs documented in this …Similar
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    Vale Pond - 152 Miles
    A relatively large reserve consisting of a pond and a meadow. The pond attracts many water birds, s…Similar
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    Rousse Headland - 152 Miles
    A napoleonic loop-holed tower and battery fortification stand on this headland. There is also and a…Similar
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    Pulias Pond - 152 Miles
    This wetland area is an important habitat for many species of migrating birds, including Wlack-Wing…Similar
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    LIslet Dolmen - 153 Miles
    A small dolmen surounded by a circle of stones. There are also for cists, each with a circle of st…Similar
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    Delancey Park - 153 Miles
    A park in north-east guernsey which offeres views of St. Peter Port and the neighbouring islands. T…Similar
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    St Clair Hill - 153 Miles
    An ancient megalith, in an area that had a lot of megaliths in neolithic times.Similar
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    Guernsey Candles - 153 Miles
    A well established candle makers workshop. Here in the workshop the process of candle making can be…Similar
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    Karting Guernsey - 153 Miles
    A 400 meter long go kart track around the corbet field stadium. The trak is 6 meters wide and the p…Similar
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    La Garenne Anneville - 153 Miles
    The site was used in the 13th century for a moat and a rabbit warren. The site now contains a varie…Similar
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    Ivy Castle - 153 Miles
    Also known as Chateau des Marais, this castle was originallly buit by the normans and has been arou…Similar
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    A nature trail that includes a pond, unusual plants and wildlife. The trail has been designed to me…Similar
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