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While a monument is a structure explicitly created to commemorate an event, person or shared ideals, the UK has many that have, like Stonehenge, where the reason is lost to time though the aged beauty, wonder and craftsmanship still captures the imagination.
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  1. #51
    Rollright Stones - 49 Miles
    Traditionally a monarch and his courtiers petrified by a witch, the Rollright Stones consist of thr…Similar
  2. #52
    Sutton Hoo - 51 Miles
    Awe-inspiring Anglo-Saxon royal burial site. One of Britain's most important and atmospheric archae…Similar
  3. #53
    Eleanor Cross Geddington - 52 Miles (3.7)
    In 1290 Eleanor of Castle, the beloved wife of Edward I and mother of his 14 children, died at Harb…Similar
  4. #54
    The Marlborough, or Preshute horse lies in the grounds of Marlborough College and is the smallest k…Similar
  5. #55
    The new horse is on Pewsey Hill about a mile south of Pewsey, to the east of the minor road that le…Similar
  6. #56
    Woodhenge - 56 Miles
    Neolithic monument, dating from about 2300 BC, with concrete markers replacing six concentric rings…Similar
  7. #57
    Fyfield Down - 56 Miles
    The down has the best assemblage of sarsen stones in England. The stones are known here as the Grey…Similar
  8. #58
    Hackpen White Horse - 56 Miles
    The Hackpen Horse was cut to commemorate the Coronation of Queen Victoria in 1838. Although little …Similar
  9. #59
    Sanctuary - 57 Miles
    Begun in about 3000 BC, The Sanctuary became a complex of timber post rings and stone circles. Its …Similar
  10. #60
    Stonehenge - 57 Miles
    Walk in the steps of our ancestors at one of the world's best-preserved prehistoric sites.. Great v…Similar
  11. #61
    The largest stone circle in Europe, Avebury formed the centre of one of the most impressive Neolith…Similar
  12. #62
    Located between Milk Hill & Walkers Hill on the Pewsey Downs, the Alton Barnes horse is thought to …Similar
  13. #63
    Avebury Stone Circles - 58 Miles (4.6)
    Large henge and several stone circles surrounded by earthworks 421 meters (1,381 feet) in diameter,…Similar
  14. #64
    The largest man-made mound in Europe, huge and mysterious Silbury Hill is comparable in height and …Similar
  15. #65
    Situated on the hill to the east of the village of Broad Town this horse was completed in 1863 by a…Similar
  16. #66
    One of the largest, most impressive and most accessible Neolithic chambered tombs in Britain. Built…Similar
  17. #67
    A tall medieval octagonal tower, allegedly a lighthouse, built herein 1328 as penance for stealing …Similar
  18. #68
    Hatfield Earthworks - 59 Miles
    The earthworks of a Neolithic henge and monumental mound, by a loopin the River Avon.Similar
  19. #69
    Windmill Hill is one of the best known causewayed enclosures in Britain and one of the earlier monu…Similar
  20. #70
    Breamore Marsh - 59 Miles
    The marsh and ponds are exceptionally rich in aquatic flora. There is also foot paths around this r…Similar
  21. #71
    A grassed-over Neolithic long barrow containing stone-lined burialchambers, on the crest of a high …Similar
  22. #72
    Bull Ring - 63 Miles (4.4)
    The earthwork remains of one of the largest Roman amphitheatres in Britain, built in the early 2nd …Similar
  23. #73
    The Millennium horse is best viewed from the A361 Swindon road, a mile north of Devizes.Similar
  24. #74
    Wing Maze - 64 Miles
    The circular "turf maze" which is a unicursal labyrinth, roughly 40 feet in diameter, is cut from t…Similar
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    A particularly fine example of a Neolithic long barrow of c. 2500BC, featuring a false entrance and…Similar
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