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Historic religious building originally under the spiritual leadership of either an abbot or abbess, usually consisting of a monastery or a convent. Many continue to carry the name abbey, even centuries later, after they change their function to a church or chapel. A majority of the 80 abbeys accessible within the UK today, where created in stone in the early medieval period and are in various states of ruin, though their beauty and religions significance is still obvious.
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    Westminster Abbey - 0 Miles
    A large, mainly Gothic church. Audio guides are available of the 700-year-old building.Similar
  2. #2
    Waverley Abbey - 12 Miles
    Fragments of the church and monastic buildings of the first Cistercian abbey in England, founded in…Similar
  3. #3
    Woburn Abbey - 20 Miles
    Set in a beautiful 3,000 acre deer park. A special place full of history, ancient tales and beautif…Similar
  4. #4
    Battle of Hastings - 26 Miles
    On 14 October 1066 an army of invading Normans defeated the English at the Battle of Hastings in Ea…Similar
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    Dorchester Abbey - 28 Miles
    The museum has displays in the Abbey, notable the newly opened Cloister Gallery, and in the Old Sch…Similar
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    St Augustines Abbey - 33 Miles
    This great abbey, marking the rebirth of Christianity in southern England, was founded shortly afte…Similar
  7. #7
    The extensive remains of the wealthiest and most powerful Benedictine monastery in England, shrine …Similar
  8. #8
    Denny Abbey - 41 Miles
    Denny Abbey has a unique and fascinating history. Founded in 1159 as a Benedictine monastery, it th…Similar
  9. #9
    Titchfield Abbey - 43 Miles
    The ruins of a 13th-century Premonstratensian abbey, later converted into a Tudor mansion. The chur…Similar
  10. #10
    Netley Abbey - 46 Miles
    The most complete surviving Cistercian monastery in southern England, with almost all the walls of …Similar
  11. #11
    Abbey Fields - 64 Miles (2.1)
    Kenilworths main park is set in the dramatic valley of the Finham Brook and enjoys views of the his…Similar
  12. #12
    Leiston Abbey - 64 Miles
    One of Suffolk's most impressive monastic ruins, of a 14th-century abbey of Premonstratensian 'whit…Similar
  13. #13
    Crowland Abbey - 68 Miles
    Much of the abbey church survived for use by the parish, but large parts collapsed over the subsequ…Similar
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    Wymondham Abbey - 69 Miles
    Wymondham Abbey is a building with a great capacity to surprise. First you see the two massive towe…Similar
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    Lacock Abbey - 69 Miles (5.4)
    Country house created out of a medieval abbey, former home of William Henry Fox Talbot, a pioneer o…Similar
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    Leicester Abbey Park - 71 Miles (3.1)
    The park contains the remains of the 12th century Leicester Abbey and the ruins of Cavendish House …Similar
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    Tewkesbury Abbey - 73 Miles
    A former Benedictine Abbey Church, consecrated in 1121 and has the highest Norman tower in the coun…Similar
  18. #18
    Polesworth Abbey - 79 Miles
    Polesworth Abbey stands on the north bank of the River Anker in the centre of the village of Polesw…Similar
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    Bath Abbey - 80 Miles (4.2)
    The Abbey Church of Saint Peter, Bath, commonly known as Bath Abbey, is an Anglican parish church a…Similar
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    Set in a beautifully elevated position in Charnwood Forest. The first catholic abbey to be founded …Similar
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    Creake Abbey - 87 Miles
    The ruined church of an Augustinian abbey, reduced in size after fire and plague.Similar
  22. #22
    Founded in 1131. In the nineteenth century, the abbey undertook major structural repairs and partia…Similar
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    Glastonbury Abbey - 96 Miles (6.7)
    Once the greatest and richest Abbey in England. Now awe-inspiring ruins set in 36 acres of parkland…Similar
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    Part of a monastic building, perhaps the abbot's lodging, of Benedictine Abbotsbury Abbey. St Cathe…Similar
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    Muchelney Abbey - 102 Miles
    Beside the clearly laid out foundations of the wealthy medieval Benedictine abbey (and its Anglo-Sa…Similar
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