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While a monument is a structure explicitly created to commemorate an event, person or shared ideals, the UK has many that have, like Stonehenge, where the reason is lost to time though the aged beauty, wonder and craftsmanship still captures the imagination.
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  1. Pierre de la Fetelle - 157 Miles
    These megalithic remains are thought be that of a collapsed burial chamber. This structure consists…Similar
  2. Le Trepied Dolmen - 157 Miles
    Also known as the Le Catioroc Dolmen, this site at Le Catioroc was used for whichcraft during the 1…Similar
  3. Hougue des Platons - 157 Miles
    This monument dates back around 4500 years and consists of a mound of clay surrounded by a stone c…Similar
  4. Le Perron du Roi - 157 Miles
    A neolithic stone with four engraved cup marks. It was used as mounting block for horsemen. This st…Similar
  5. Creux Es Faies - 157 Miles
    An ancient megalithic tomb dating back at least 4000 years. Two inner capstones survive. This is sa…Similar
  6. La Longue Rocque - 157 Miles
    This single standing stone is Guernsey's largest ancient monument standing at 3.5 meters tall, with…Similar
  7. Hougue Boete - 158 Miles
    A neolithic tomb covered by a mound. The chamber consists of 4 stones to make the walls and a 12 to…Similar
  8. Faldouet Dolmen - 158 Miles
    A 5m neolithic passage grave consistig of 17 stones that lead to a circular chamber surrounded by 4…Similar
  9. Baildon Moor - 159 Miles
    739 Acres (299 hectares) of grassy moorland, including an area of woodland with a stream. There are…Similar
  10. Fairy Ring - 159 Miles
    Also known as Les Tables De Pions, this is a stone circle surrounding a large 'table', was used as …Similar
  11. Hougue des Geonnais - 159 Miles
    A neolithic passage grave that is approximately 6,000 years old. The monument has badly damaged and…Similar
  12. Hougue Bie - 159 Miles
    A neolithic passage grave dating back around 6,000 years. There is a small medieval chapel located …Similar
  13. Pinacle - 160 Miles
    A site which was used from neolithic times through to the Roman times to mine Dolerite, which was u…Similar
  14. Les Monts Grantez - 160 Miles
    A neolithic passage grave consisting of a passage of large granite stones leading to an oval shaped…Similar
  15. Crapaud - 161 Miles
    A large stone column with a toad statue on the top. The toad signifies the nick name, Crapaud (mean…Similar
  16. Mont Ube - 161 Miles
    A bottle shaped megalithic passage grave that was discovered in 1848. This tomb consists of a 5m lo…Similar
  17. Liberation Square - 161 Miles
    Built in 1995 to commemorate 50 years of liberation from the German Occupation. This monument was b…Similar
  18. Dame Blanche - 161 Miles
    A 2.5m tall menhir, with a further meter below ground. This menhir is supported by small trig stone…Similar
  19. Cherry Farm Menhir - 161 Miles
    An ancient granite menhir, formally known as The Stone Near The Mermaid Tavern, is supported at the…Similar
  20. Les Trois Rocques - 161 Miles
    A group of three flat based granite neolithic standing stones. Two of the stones are boulder like w…Similar
  21. Golden Jubilee Needle - 162 Miles
    A monument designed, is made from four types of Burlington stone, built to commemorate the Golden J…Similar
  22. Maen Achwyfan Cross - 162 Miles
    Late 20th century cross.Similar
  23. The remains of a Bronze Age settlement, side by side with several sacred sites, including three sto…Similar
  24. Broken Menhir - 162 Miles
    A neolithic menhir that is thought to have been broken in prehistoric times. The menhir was excavat…Similar
  25. Ossuary - 162 Miles
    A Chalcolithic tomb consisting of five blocks. This was originaly under a low mound. During excavat…Similar
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