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    Bulwark Camp - 93 Miles (5.2)
    Iron Age fortified camps in the area at Bulwark.Similar
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    Chepstow Castle - 93 Miles (6.9)
    Oldest surviving stone fortification within Great Britain, Chepstow Castle was commissioned in 1067…Similar
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    Monmouth Castle - 95 Miles (5.4)
    For the 11th century and 12th century the town and surrounding areas were ruled by Norman French lo…Similar
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    Tump Terrett Castle - 95 Miles (6.5)
    20 feet high mound of the castle to the south-west of the church. It dates back to Norman times, as…Similar
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    Ballan Moor Castle - 96 Miles (4.9)
    An early Norman motte and bailey castle at Ballan Moor near Crick.Similar
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    Caldicot Castle - 96 Miles (6.4)
    Founded by the Normans, developed in royal hands as a stronghold in the Middle Ages and restored as…Similar
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    Llanvair Discoed Castle - 98 Miles (4.4)
    Castle is 12th to 13th century. Also there are standing stones dating from the Neolithic period up …Similar
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    Skenfrith Castle - 98 Miles (2.9)
    Remains of an early 13th-century fortress. Once commanded one of the main routed between England an…Similar
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    Raglan Castle - 100 Miles (7.4)
    Late medieval castle located just north of the village of at Raglan. The English Civil War brought …Similar
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    Pencoed Castle - 101 Miles (3.9)
    The Castle itself is a fortified Tudor manor house during the first quarter of the 16th Century on …Similar
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    Grosmont Castle - 102 Miles (5.4)
    Substantial remains of thirteenth-century castle of Hubert de Burgh, raised on an earlier motte. It…Similar
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    Usk Castle - 102 Miles (6.4)
    Usk castle and town was probably laid out and established in 1120 after some of the other Norman se…Similar
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    White Castle - 103 Miles (5.4)
    White Castle (Welsh: Castell Gwyn) is a mediaeval castle. The name White Castle was first recorded …Similar
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    Llanfair Kilgeddin Castle - 104 Miles (4.9)
    A Norman motte and bailey castle site remains near the village. The River Usk passes close by.Similar
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    Isca Augusta - 105 Miles (7.1)
    Substantial excavated Roman remains can be seen, including the military amphitheatre, baths or Ther…Similar
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    Abergavenny Museum - 107 Miles (1.8)
    Abergavenny Museum is set in the grounds of a ruined Norman Castle. The displays tell the story of …Similar
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    Tredegar House - 108 Miles
    90 acre park, Tredegar House is a 17th century Charles II mansion in Britain. The earliest survivin…Similar
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    Crickhowell Castle - 113 Miles (6.4)
    Notable features in Crickhowell include the seventeenth-century stone bridge over the River Usk wit…Similar
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    Hay Castle - 115 Miles (5.4)
    Hay-on-Wye has two Norman castles within a short distance of each other. Hay was fortified by Willi…Similar
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    Cardiff Castle - 115 Miles (8.4)
    Cardiff Castle (Welsh: Castell Caerdydd) is a medieval castle and Victorian revival mansion, transf…Similar
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    Clyro Castle - 116 Miles (5.4)
    Clyro Castle dominats Clyro to its south east side.Similar
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    Castell Morgraig - 116 Miles (6.9)
    The remains of a castle situated close to the Caerphilly/Thornhill border known as Castell Morgraig…Similar
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    Caerphilly Castle - 116 Miles (7.9)
    Ruined Norman castle complete with moat situated in the centre of Caerphilly. Built mid thirteen ce…Similar
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    Twmpath Castle - 116 Miles (3.4)
    30 foot high mound.Similar
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    Dinas Powys Castle - 117 Miles (6.4)
    Remains of a Norman castle and the adjacent Cwm Gorge was the site of the celtic hill fort from whi…Similar
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