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Aberdeen Ghost Walks: Take a walk through the streets of this historic city, exploring events which seem to have left a ghostly footprint behind them. During the tours, our guides will take you on a journey through Aberdeen's past, exploring the grim and gruesome stories that have shaped this citys darker history.

Tales of witches, trial and punishment, smuggling and famous battles are but some of the historic events we will encounter along our tour. We will also discover the truly frightening ghost stories which have emerged from a city hidden beneath mystery and treachery.

Our tours pass by many of the historic landmarks and buildings which have

Shaped Aberdeen and stopping outside these locations we will explore the buildings history and stories of ghostly inhabitants

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Address: Aberdeen Ghost Walks, 23f Marishcal Street, Aberdeen, Grampian, AB11 5AD, UK
Phone: +44 7882 289580
Email: info@abdnghostwalks.co.uk

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