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Augill Pasture: Broad leaved helleborine is found here at its highest location in Cumbria. The main interest of the nature reserve is the pasture itself which is an area of species rich grassland of the type known as mountain haymeadow. Variety of different flowers can be seen here including melancholy thistle, lady's mantle, knapweed, wood cranesbill, great burnet and devil's bit scabious. A number of different orchids can be found including frog, fly, fragrant and common spotted orchid, and twayblade.

Birds-eye primrose, fragrant orchid, frog orchid, greater butterfly orchid, globeflower and adder's tongue fern. Old lead mill can be seen here.

There is a circular route around the reserve (0.5km/0.3 miles).

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From Brough take A66 east for approximately 1 mile. Take the first left and turn right almost immediately. Follow this road until it ends at a gate.


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