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Auld Reekie Tours: Learn about the historical dark side of Edinburgh, with tales about Mary Kings Close, Mercat Cross, Graverobbers, Cannibals, Plagues, The Great Fire, Witchcraft, Ghost and Ghouls, Myths and Legends.The walking tours take place in our haunted underground vaults beneath South Bridge which formed part of the old underground city, you will be taken to a candle-lit vault to hear tales about how Edinburgh was the worst city in the world for using young children to clean chimneys and the fates that befell them.

Observe the now dis-used stone circled Pagan temple and why it can never be used again. Enter into the crypt where the plague victims lived to hear about the squalid conditions here in the 1700's.

Delve into our Legendary Haunted Vault - home of the South Bridge Misogynistic Poltergeist - and our most active paranormal area, subject of thousands of sightings and supernatural occurences.

The ghost tours also include a visit to our Torture Museum where you will witness the terrible pain and death inflicting instruments from Nuremberg and Bamberg castles in Germany dating from the late 1500's and early 1600's. On our evening tours you will see fireplaces below the pavements of the Street above where no natural light entered and poor wretches had to live there. Enter then through a special doorway into Nicol Edwards - Scotland's most Haunted Pub for a well deserved drink.

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Address: Auld Reekie Tours, 45 Niddry Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1LG, UK
Phone: +44 131 557 4700

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