Avago: Players shoot at a target when it is active indicated by a ring of lights appearing on it and if you score a hit the target flashes. The length of time for which a target/s is available can be adjusted to between 1-10 seconds depending on the skill level required. Fun for all the family is assured by our continual focus on safety. Adult Karts are 9hp whilst Junior Karts are 5.5hp engines.

Every Kart has a roll-over cage, full harness safety belt, engine cut-off switch on steering wheel, adjustable throttle stops (for the younger child or novices), and remote control throttle cut-off. All drivers are supplied with a crash helmet and individual instructions on operating the kart.

Digger Challenge tests your operating skills. We will give you instruction on operating the levers, and then it is a challenge to use the three tonne tracked machine to pick up and place on designated mats, objects, in a time limit.

Using an Army Landrover 101 Forward control vehicle, you must negotiate the coned course - blindfolded! With the navigation skills of our co-driver, beat the clock, points deducted for touching the cones.

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