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Aversley Wood: Aversley wood is one of the largest Ancient Semi Natural woodlands in Cambridgeshire covering over 150 acres and forms an important landscape feature. The whole wood is ancient coppice woodland although large scale coppicing ceased around 1890. The typical structure is an upper canopy of ash and oak with a second layer of ash and maple coppice and maidens, and an under layer of small coppice hazel, hawthorn and blackthorn. Prior to acquisition by WT the site was managed for sporting use resulting in wide mown rides and the clearance of the northern artificial pond, this area also supports much of the woods present floral interest. The NCC 1972 survey recorded 130 species of vascular plants with rideside communities of particular importance. The wood also contains 12 species of butterfly and at least 37 species of bird. As with all these sites please observe the Country Code.

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Access to the wood is from Sawtry village in the east or Bullock Road public byway to the west. .A public footpath abuts the eastern boundary of the wood. There is a good path and ride network in the wood some of which is very muddy in the winter.


Nearest railway station is Huntingdon.


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Address: Aversley Wood, The Manor House, Broad Street, Great Cambourne, Cambridge CB23 6DH, UK.
Phone: +44 954 713500

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