Baurnadomeeny: This fine and carefully-constructed - but overgrown - tomb has a large chamber over 4 metres long, separated by a septal slab from the antechamber/portico, over which a single-slab roof is supported by 2 free-standing orthostats. The easternmost roofstone of the gallery has a wide, deep groove on the underside, and several of the boulders of the circular cairn (15 metres in diameter) have cup-marked or pocked surfaces. The north orthostat beside the septal slab has a chessboard pattern of incised lines. Excavation revealed that the antechamber was originally open at the west, with a low sill-stone marking the entranced, but this was later closed by double arc of inclined slabs. Inside the antechamber is a roofless kist, which contained cremated bones. There were four other cremations in the antechamber and 16 others in pits and kists in the cairn,

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