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Bowdown Wood: Occupies about a mile of the wooded scarp where the plateau of Greenham and Crookham Commons drops down to the floor of the Kennet Valley. It includes a wide range of semi-natural habitats partly reflecting the geology plateau gravels and Bagshot Beds on the higher ground overlying London Clay, which outcrops on the lower slopes. The scarp is deeply incised with numerous valleys which carry small spring-fed streams with a very constant flow of unpolluted, nutrient-poor water. These valleys and large areas of seepage zones on the slopes support woodland dominated by alder, mostly growing from large old coppice stools.

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Crookham Common, Chamberhouse Wood, Greenham Common, Baynes Nature Reserve


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Greenham Common

Greenham Common is made up of two commons, Greenham Common and Crookham Common, they contain heathland, grassland, gorse scrub, broad leaved woodland and alder-lined gullies. The heathland and acid grassland at this site make up the single largest tract of these habitats in Berkshire. The two commons are rich in a wide range of invertebrates.


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Address: Bowdown and Chamberhouse Woods, Newbury District, Berkshire, UK

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