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Burnhope Pond: The large pond is shallow and irregularly shaped with small areas of open water surrounded by encroaching vegetation consisting of Soft Rush, Bottle Sedge,Water Horsetail,Mares tail and Riccia Fluitans a locally scarce liverwort has been recorded from the site.

Areas of open water were more widespread in the past but the ponds still attract Coot,Moorhen, Little Grebe and occasionally Snipe.

Three small ponds are found within the woodland with small carpets of Sphagnum mosses dominant. Long eared Owls, Goldcrest and Crossbills have been sighted in recent years.

Footpaths are found within the reserve.

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The Reserve is 7 miles northeast of Durham City and approx. 11/2 miles north east of Lanchester. Follow the A691 from Durham and turn right at the church as you enter Lanchester village.Turn left at the crossroads at the top of the hill and the reserve is 1/2 mile on the right.


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