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Burren National Park is a place of tranquillity and quiet. There are no marked trails in the Park however many people visit the park for walking. The terrain is very rocky with deep fissures and cracks, there are also loose rocks and steep cliff areas. Please keep well away from any cliffs and steep rocky areas, as they may be dangerous. The Limestone can get very slippery when wet so extreme caution must be taken.

The Burren region is internationally famous for its landscape and flora. A visit to the Burren during the summer months will leave a person amazed by the colourful diversity of flowering plants living together within the one ecosystem. Arctic-alpine plants living side by side with Mediterranean plants, calcicole (lime loving) and calcifuge (acid loving) plants growing adjacent to one another and woodland plants growing out in the open with not a tree nearby to provide shade from the sun. Also found here are certain species which although rare elsewhere are abundant in the Burren. Even more amazingly they all survive in a land that appears to be composed entirely of rock.

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The Burren National Park is situated on the SouthEastern side of the Burren, in North Co. Clare. To access the park, from Corofin, take the R476 to Kilnaboy. In Kilnaboy take a right turn. Approximately 5 kilometres along this road you will reach a crossroads. There is a lay-by just before this cross roads on the right. Then on foot, turn right, along the ‘crag road’; Burren National Park lands are on your left. Please park in the lay-by not on the crag road to avoid damage to the vegetation.


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Address: National Park, Co Clare . Ireland

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