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Caerphilly Castle: Ruined Norman castle complete with moat situated in the centre of Caerphilly. Built mid thirteen century as an English response to Welsh independence from Llywelyn the Last, Prince of Gwynedd. The fortress saw little action over the subsequent centuries, and as a consequence fell into disrepair, culminating around the time of English Civil War with the south-east tower featuring a notable lean fifteen degrees from the vertical.

The second largest castle in Britain, after Windsor castle, today it is maintained by Cadw, Welsh national heritage organisation, and features four replica siege engines.

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Green Lady

According to legend, Alice de Lusignan, first wife to Marcher Baron Gilbert 'the Red' de Clare, had an affair with a local Welsh prince, Gruffudd the Fair, who subsequently confessed his sins to a local monk. Things turned for the worse when the monk told the husband, of his wife's infidelity and he went into a rage killed the monk, tortured and executed Gruffudd and received an annulment from his marriage.
Though folklore claims she never recovered from her infatuation and her ghost, dressed in green, is seen racing along the battlements searching for her Welsh lover.


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