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Also known as the Fahan Beehive Huts, Caher Conor (Cathair na gConchuireach) is located on the south side of Mount Eagle west of Dingle. The complex consists of five structures. The clochan (beehive huts) in Caher Conor were probably single family dwellings and were attached to each other with a doorway leading from one to the other. The hillside at one time had over 400 of these drystone, corbelled huts surviving, prompting one antiquarian in the 19th century to refer to the area as the "City of Fahan." As one observer states, "Dating the huts is difficult because the skill of corbelling has been used in Newgrange (3100 BCE) and as recently as the 1950s. The huts at Fahan along the Slea Head Drive may well date to the 12th Century CE when the incoming Normans forced the Irish off the good land and out to the periphery of the Dingle Peninsula."

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