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Cairness House: The house has been largely unaltered, retaining all its original plasterwork and design features and is a highly unusual building, containing many unique elements. The architecture alone and the combination of fabulous interiors, magnificent views of the surrounding landscape and a lived-in atmosphere make Cairness a unique experience for every visitor. Also Conducted tours include the grounds and house.

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How to get here


From Aberdeen
Take the A90 from Aberdeen and at the Toll of Birness, take the left turning signposted to Fraserburgh.
About 4 miles north of Mintlaw, the A90 meets the A952 again at the Cortes Junction (next to a garden centre). Turn right here back towards Peterhead and about 15m on the left you will see a smaller country road signposted to Cairnbulg and Inverallochy and Lonmay Parish Hall. Take this turning and stay on this road for about 2 miles (do not take the turn to Cairnbulg and Inverallochy): you will see Cairness from a distance on high ground. The road eventually passes the park walls and the main entrance gates are on the left side of the road just opposite St. Columbas church. The gate piers have sphinxes on top of them.

From Fraserburgh
Take the A90 towards Aberdeen for about 4 miles until the road forks at the Cortes Junction. Take the left-side of the fork, towards Peterhead, and about 15m on the left hand side take a small country road marked Cairnbulg, Inverallochy and Lonmay Parish Hall. Continue on this road for 2 miles (do not take the road to Cairnbulg and Inverallochy). Entrance to Cairness on the left hand side of the road opposite St. Columbas Church by Lonmay Cemetery.

From Peterhead
Take the A90 towards Fraserburgh. About 2 miles after Crimond, take the B9033 road to St. Combs on the right. Continue along this road for 1 mile and take the left turning signposted to Cortes and Lonmay Parish Hall. You will see St. Columbas Church about 100m in front of you - the entrance to Cairness is across the road on the right.




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Address: Cairness House, Lonmay, Aberdeenshire, Grampian, AB43 8XP, UK
Phone: +44 1346 58207

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