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Castle Camps Millennium Wood is one of 200 woods planted to celebrate the millennium as part of the Woods On Your Doorstep initiative. The site comprises of a single field gently facing to the south west in a slightly undulating arable landscape. A tall old hedge belonging to the site forms the northern boundary and is ecologically important as well as being a landscape feature and there are views 500m to the south of Castle Farm, where the earthworks of a Motte and Bailey castle remain, which gives name to the nearby village and to the new wood. A small water course, the upper reaches of the River Granta cuts through the SW corner of the site and is bridged in two places for access and a public footpath crosses the site at the northern end with a pond at the northern end which with the open glades serves as the Millennium Feature. As with all these sites please observe the Country Code.

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Access is from Church Lane, Castle Camps, the main entrance being adjacent to a sewage pumping station in the eastern corner of the site.


Nearest railway station is Great Chesterford.


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Address: CastleCamps Milleneum Wood, The Manor House, Broad Street, Great Cambourne, Cambridge CB23 6DH, UK
Phone: +44 1954 713500
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