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Cheddar Gorge at 113 meters (371 feet), is the largest gorge in Britain and has developed as a tourist hotspot since Gough's cave was opened to the public in the early part of the twentieth century. Today the gorge attractions around half a million visitors per year.

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Sheep and Goats

The south side of the gorge is owned and administered by Longleat Estate, where as the northern side is owned by The National Trust. On the Longleat side, goats have been introduced in fenced off areas to encourage biodiversity, where as in the National Trusts side, a small flock of feral Soay sheep have moved in. The National Trust has suggested adding more sheep, and using cattle grids to keep them within a well defined area.


How to get here


From M5 junction 22, take A38 north for 7 miles, following brown tourist signs, onto A371 and finially B3135. Parking for up to 550 cars are situated along the main gorge road, otherwise additional parking can be found up Lipplatt lane on busy days


From Bristol: Route 674, Sunday only
From Weston-super-Mare: Route 126 every hour Monday to Saturday and every other hour on Sundays
From Street: Route 668 every other hour Monday to Saturday


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Never closes




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