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Cliffords Tower: With sweeping views of York and the surrounding countryside, it isn't hard to see why Clifford's Tower played such a crucial role in the control of northern England. The tower has a turbulent history, surviving 1,000 years of flood, fire and siege. Its origins were violent: William the Conqueror built the castle for his northern campaign of terror in 1069. At various points in its history, Clifford's Tower became a royal mint, functioned as a prison, gruesomely displayed the bodies of leaders of uprisings, and was even a court.

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A tower has stood on the mound at the Eye of York for centuries. Originally a wooden tower stood there, but this was burned down in 1190 when York’s jews sought sanctuary in the tower. Rather than surrender to the angry mob below, they committed mass suicide, setting the tower on fire and burning it to the ground. The stone tower which replaced it is said to ‘bleed’, with blood seeping out of the masonry on the internal walls...


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