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Conwy Castle: It was built between 1283 and 1289 as part of King Edward I's second campaign in north Wales. Like many of the castles in the area, it was designed by James of St. George. The castle is divided into two wards, with the outer ward and inner ward surrounded by four towers each, with turrets.

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Caernarfonshire, Clwyd, Wales, Great Britain, UK, Europe
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World Heritage Site

Part of the World Heritage Site entitled "Castles and Town Walls of King Edward I in Gwynedd" also includes Beaumaris Castle, Caernarfon Castle and Harlech Castle.


The legend has it that a male successor of Robert Wynn was called away to war. When the time of his arrival neared, his wife and child climbed up the lookout tower to watch for his return. As the evening got darker they decided to climb back down the steep stairs. The wife slipped and dragged the child to the foot of the stairway. A servant found them and took them to the lantern room and called for the doctor. In fear of the temper of the master, the servant locked the doctor in the room with the mother and child and fled. When the man came backed from war, he found the bodies of his wife and child in the lantern room, but not the doctor. The husband went crazy and died shortly thereafter. It is said that he haunts the lantern room in search of the doctor.


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Address: Conwy Castle, Conwy, Clwyd, UK

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