In the heart of northern Dartmoor, Cranmere can be wet underfoot even at the height of summer, based around Cranmere Pool and the hills and tors nearby.

This is the southern area of Okehampton Range, used by the British Army as live firing practice and so for certain days access is restricted.

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Steeperton Tor

On the eastern edge of Okehampton Range.
Between 1 March and 15 July, the area along Steeperton Gorge, at the bottom of the tor to the west and north, is used by rare birds for breeding. While access is not restricted because of this, it is suggested that you don't linger, picnic or camp here and if possible to keep yourself to paths and trackways.

Lints Tor

Impressive rock outcrop, which from certain angle looks like the face of man with a large nose.
From 1 March to 15 July each year, an area 1.8 miles (3 km) long starting from Shelstone Tor near Meldon Reservoir to Lints Tor along the West Okement River is used by rare birds for nesting. While the area isn't restricted because of this, it is suggested you don't linger, picnic or camp within the area.

Observation Point 15

Military building and suggested car parking spot high on Okement Hill

Okement Hill

With a tarmac road, though in places has been badly eroded, all the way to the top, is an easy place to reach for even those with a car and an aversion to exercise. Quite flat at the top and so has no rocks or monument to signify the highest point.

Wild Tor

Along the eastern edge of Okehampton Range, with impressive views.

Furthest spot in England from a public road

At 4.2 miles (6.75km) the furthest spot in England from a public road.

Great Kneeset

Slowly rising tor, with minor outcrop of rock exposed.

Black Ridge

Ridge directly to the west of Cranmere pool, with a peat pass going north to south for around half a mile (750 meters)

Cranmere Pool Letter Box

Cranmere Pool is the location of the first letterbox on Dartmoor.
Between 1 March and 15 July, Cranmere Pool and the surrounding slopes of, in clockwise fashion; Okement Hill, Hangingstone Hill, Whitehorse Hill, Black Hill Cranmere and Black Ridge are used by rare birds for nesting. While access is not restricted due to this, it is advisable that you don't linger, picnic or camp within this area and if possible to try and restrict your walking to paths and trackways.

Hangingstone Hill

Topped by military building and danger flag pole, used to signify no public access to Okehampton range.

Little Kneeset

With Fur Tor to the south over shadowing Little Kneeset, usually its ignored by walkers, and left to sheep to graze, so quiet even at the busiest of times.

Quintins Man

Ancient granite burial cairn

Black Hill Cranmere

There are two Black Hills mentioned on Dartmoor, this being the harder to reach and less mentioned.
This Black Hill though has numerous holes and cracks in the peat, makes walking an extra challenge.

Whitehorse Hill

Rising to 601 meter (1,971 feet) with a few rocks lounging on the ground signifying the top. A peat pass crosses the top of the hill from east to west.

Fur Tor

One of the hardest Tors to reach on Dartmoor, due to its distance from roads and difficult terrain nearby. Though the views from the top can make it all feel worthwhile.
At the southern edge of Okehampton Range, with Merrivale Range directly south.

Cut Hill

Cut Hill, like Black Hill Cranmere to the north, is covered in peat hags, cracks and holes in the ground. This is at the southern edge of Okehampton range and directly south is Merrivale Range, again another live firing area that can be off limits when being used by the military.

Okehampton Range Danger Area Flag Poles

A red flag, during daylight, or a red light, at night, is used to signify live firing practice and that you aren't allowed to enter the restricted area. If you hear loud bangs though no red flags/red lights are showing, this signifies that blanks are being used, and your welcome to enter.

St Michael's Bungalow50.725587,-3.998902
Watchet Hill50.721471,-3.960615
Halstock Hill50.716156 -3.982917
Yes Tor50.693636,-4.010711
Steeperton Tor50.683225,-3.956613
Quntins Man50.637448,-3.951176
Hangingstone Hill50.658914,-3.958291
Kitty Tor50.667592,-4.029269
Rattlebrook Hill50.649117,-4.046862
South Amicombe Hill50.641251,-4.023466

See Dartmoor Training Area Firing Notices for latest info


Observation Point 15
Suggested parking spot with space for around 8 cars, high up on Okement Hill with spectacular views North.


How to get here


From Okehampton follow signs for 'Camp', referring to Okehampton Training Camp, this will take you South out of the town onto Dartmoor. Straight after the actual entry to the camp, where only military traffic can enter, is a cattle grid, and the road splits, with East Mill Tor road being directly ahead. Continue to follow this tarmac road for 4 miles (6.5 km) to the suggested off road parking place at Observation Point 15 high up on the northern flank of Okement Hill.

There are moves by those in authority, Ministry of Defence and Duchy of Cornwall, to close this access road, due to the deteriorating state of the road. For those interested, an online petition exists


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