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Be swept away in a wave of nasty historical unpleasantry at The Edinburgh Dungeon. Barbaric savagery, putrid disease, inhumane medical practices and horrifying myth is all lurking in the Dungeon depths.

With many exhibits, shows and displays, The Edinburgh Dungeon is a wealth of gruesome discovery!

If you are squeamish at the sight of modern surgery you will be in for a shock at the The Edinburgh Dungeons' Anatomy Theatre. In the eighteenth century, medical and surgical schools were a catastrophic mess of unhygienic barbarism!

Taste the fear and feel the adrenaline pump as you drop screaming into the darkness below on Extremis: Drop ride to Doom

It is 1646 and an overwhelming stench hits you as you enter the mysterious Mary King's Close. You are suddenly struck by the horrific realisation that this is the resting place of abandoned plague victims!

Enter the Edinburgh Dungeon's Haunted Labyrinth. A dark and terrifying maze of catacombs that stretch from beneath the Castle, under the Royal Mile and away into the eerie unknown.

Are you a sinner? If you are, you may be reluctant to enter the Judgement of Sinners exhibit at The Edinburgh Dungeon where torturous equipment lies in wait!

Some travellers have gone missing and rumours are flying around that the cannibal Sawney Bean has dragged them deep into his cave, but beware! Sawney has spotted some tasty flesh and is heading your way.

Feel the passion of Scotlands warrior hero Sir William Wallace as you experience the glory of victory against the English at the Battle of Stirling Bridge.

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