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Escarmouche Paintball: Two teams armed with paintball markers (guns) that shoot paint pellets, defend their own flag and must devise a plan to capture the other teams flag, by eliminating members of the other team. It is a mixture of chess and hide and seek, with a large dose of adrenaline thrown in. Games are played in a beautiful forest setting and last 10 minutes each. A total of around 12 games are played during a fun packed day.

Also laserquest - It is very similar to paintball in many ways, but with a number of key differences: e.g. the laser beams do not hurt or sting in any way, there are no additional charges regardless of how many shots you take. It involves 2 teams of up to 24 players in total, and has a number of different themes and objectives. Our scenarios include: capture the flag; attack and defend; protect the VIP; Black Hawk Down and Jokers.

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90 Minutes


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Address: Escarmouche Paintball, Adventure Park, Shanes Castle, Shane Street, Randalstown, Northern Ireland, BT41 2AD, UK
Phone: +44 2890 327500
+44 7828 476 306 (Laserquest)

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