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Hermitage Castle: Semi-ruined castle deep within the border region between England and Scotland. Nicknamed 'The guardhouse of the bloodiest valley in Britain', due to its long and violent past, its considered one of the most sinister and atmospheric castles within Scotland. Built in 1240 to typical Norman Mottle and Bailey design is was used for over four centuries as a base for Border Reivers until 1603, when the Union of Crowns made the castle obsolete. By the turn of eighteenth century the castle was in ruin, though some repair was carried out in 1820. Since 1930, its has been administered by Historic Scotland.

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Sir Alexander Ramsey of Dalhousie, Sheriff of Tevitdale

Legend tales of the Sheriff of Teviotdale who upon visiting Hermitage Castle, was captured and thrown into the dungeon where, unfed, he died a slow painful death around the mid 14th century. Legend dictates that in early 19th century a mason broke into the sealed up dungeon and found the remains of a knight still with sword in hand and accordingly on quiet nights his groans and screams can still be heard breaking the silence.

William II de Soules, Lord of Liddesdale and Butler of Scotland

Scottish folklore maintains that de Soulis was involved with the Black Arts and had a familiar called Robin Redcap (Type of evil Goblin according to Scottish Border mythology), that went around capturing local children and imprisoning them within the castle's dungeon. Apparently the locals, eventual captured the Lord and after wrapping him in lead, boiled him alive at a nearby stone circle; Nine Stane Rigg. The cries of his little victims can still be heard as a reminder, in and around the castle.
Historical facts might suggest this was slander placed about him, by others in the court of Robert the Bruce and that in reality he died in Dumbarton Castle after confessing to treason against the Scottish ruler.

Mary, Queen of Scots

Legend tales of a ghost that floats around the castle wearing a beautiful white dress, which some claim to be Mary, Queen of Scots who is known to have visited Hermitage Castle for a brief stay.


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