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Heysham Moss Nature Reserve consists of a variety of habitats including areas of woodland and scrub, wet grassland and most importantly the central area of raised bog.

The Reserve is a great example of a cut-over raised bog after Winmarleigh Moss. While the core area is relatively unmodified, the periphery has been affected by past peat cutting and drainage. The reserve is of considerable botanical interest with the central part of the bog still supporting a number of characteristic bog species, including Round Leaved Sundew, Bog Myrtle, Bog Rosemary, Bog Asphodel and the locally rare White Beaked Sedge. The site also holds a number of important mosses and liverworts, including twelve species of Sphagnum, or "bog moss" as they are more commonly known, which are essential to the functioning of an active raised bog. Several rare liverworts have also been recorded.

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