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At the summit of the hill, to the north of the ridge, is an oval Iron Age hilltop enclosed by an internal ditch and external bank, known as Raith na Riogh (the Fort of the Kings, also known as the Royal Enclosure). The most prominent earthworks within are the two linked enclosures, a bivallate ring fort and a bivallete ring barrow known as Teach Chormaic (Cormac's House) and the Forradh or Royal Seat. In the middle of the Forradh is a standing stone, which is believed to be the Lia Fail (Stone of Destiny) at which the High Kings were crowned. To the north of the ring-forts is a small Neolithic passage tomb known as Dumha na nGiall (the Mound of the Hostages). To the north, just outside the bounds of the Raith na Rig, is a ringfort with three banks known as Raith na Seanadh (the Rath of the Synods). Further north is a long, narrow rectangular feature known as the Banqueting Hall, although it is more likely to have been a ceremonial avenue or cursus monument approaching the site, and three circular earthworks known as the Sloping Trenches and Grainne's Fort. To the south of the Royal Enclosure lies a ring-fort known as Raith Laoghaire (Laoghaire's Fort). Half a mile south of the Hill of Tara is another hill fort known as Rath Maeve.

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Leinster, Ireland, Europe
Raith Na Seanadh, Sloping Trenches, Royal Enclosure, Forradh, Teach Chormaic, Grainne Fort, Royal Seat, Raith Na Riogh, Laoghaire Fort, Raith Laoghaire, Rath Maeve, Dumha Na Ngiall


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