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Holly Wood, Derbyshire: Holly Wood woodland reserves sycamore is gradually being replaced with oak and other native broadleaved species, it is a mixture of dry soil as well as the areas of marsh and the pond. The woodland provides a breeding area for many bird species, including blackcap, garden warbler and nuthatch and badgers and foxes find refuge here too. In spring enjoy the fine display of bluebells, which include some white-flowered ones which flourish in the drier areas, while the marshy areas of woodland in the northern part of the reserve support communities of marsh marigold and opposite leaved golden saxifrage. Much of the reserve may have been a gravel working in the past which would explain the ridges that occur in the ground.

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Holly Wood


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The reserve is immediately south of the minor road between the A515 Ashbourne-Uttoxeter road and Edlaston village. Park in the disused road near the A515 and follow the road towards Edlaston to reach the reserve entrance.


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Address: Holly Wood, Derbyshire Wildlife Trust, East Mill, Bridge Foot, Belper, Derbyshire, DE56 1XH, UK.
Phone: +44 1773 881188

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