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Ian Heaps Fishery: Match Lake holds a large variety of fish including mirror, common and ghost carp to 20lbs, crucian carp to 4lbs 4oz,green and golden tench to 4lbs, rudd and golden rudd which were recently stocked at 1lb, roach to 2lbs and averaging five to six ounces, bream from 3lbs to 6lbs and thousands of hand-sized skimmers. Tench and Crucian Lake averages six feet deep although the main feature is a submerged island in the centre which is heavily planted with red, white and yellow lilies. Carp Lake offers many green and golden tench to 5lbs as well as Crucian Carp to 3lbs 8oz with the average being about 1lb 8oz.

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Address: Holgan Farm, Llawhaden, Narbeth, Dyfed, SA67 8DJ, UK
Phone: +44 7796 517586

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