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Kailzie Gardens: In their seasons, including the display of Snowdrops, Daffodils and sheets of Bluebells, the Gardens provide a rich variety of colour and charm for both the keen gardener, and for the visitor simply wanting to enjoy a beautiful garden in peaceful surroundings.

Plants in the Walled Garden include many shrubs, roses such as Rosa Albas: Celestial and Great Maidens Blush, Rosa Centifolia: Fantin Latour, Rosa Centifolia Muscosa: Rosa Gallica: Gallica Complicanta, Rosa Mundi and Tuscany Superb, Rosa Rugosa: Blanc Double de Coubert, Frau Dagmar Hartopp, Pink Grootendurst, Alba Roseraie de L 'Hay, and Sarah Vanfleet. Among other shrubs roses there are Cantabrigenisis, Filipes, Fedschenkoana, Highdownensis, Microphylla, Microphylla Doncasteri, Macrantha, Rubrifolia Scarlet Fire and Virginiana

Old pathways indicate that this was part of the garden of the old house. In recent years, the woodland area has been opened up to encourage the growth of Snowdrops, Daffodils and sheets of Bluebells.

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Kailzie Gardens is situated 2.5 miles from Peebles Town Centre on the B7062. Simply follow the road out of Peebles after you have crossed the Tweed on the bridge at the west end of the High Street.


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Address: Kailzie Gardens, Kailzie, Peebles, Scottish Borders, EH45 9HT, UK
Phone: +44 1721 720007
Email: info@kailziegardens.com

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