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Killingholme Haven Pits: A complex of four flooded clay pits with associated rough grassland and scrub. Islands and promontories in the two larger lagoons, together with controlled water-levels, attract a variety and good numbers of waders and wildfowl. The reserve is important for its saline lagoon habitat, which supports several rare invertebrate species. The two smaller lagoons have deeper water and are fringed with reed and sedges; they provide suitable habitat for diving ducks, such as pochard, tufted duck and, occasionally, scaup. Breeding species include little grebe, and reed, sedge, willow and grasshopper warblers. The ruddy duck has also been known to breed here. It is the two large shallow pits, however, that are of the greatest importance for birds, particularly for migrant waders in spring and autumn. Spotted redshank, dunlin, greenshank, common sandpiper, little ringed plover, ruff and black-tailed godwit.

The list of scarce and rare species is long and includes spoonbill, avocet, little egret, little and Temminck's stints, red-necked phalarope, and curlew, pectoral, Baird's and white-rumped sandpipers.

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The reserve lies 5 km (3 miles) north-west of Immingham Dock on the Humber Bank. It is situated to the south of Haven Road on the approach to North Killingholme Haven.


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