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Linton Motor Yacht Charters: Whether you are celebrating a birthday, anniversary, engagement, a romantic getaway we will make it a trip to remember. Alternatively you may wish to organise a corporate charter for a business meeting or as a reward to staff for a job well done. Whatever your reason to join us on board, we will make all the necessary arrangements to suit your requirements. Each charter will be tailor-made to your wishes offered in an efficient and friendly manner. We are happy to make suggestions for your itinerary with places to visit and menus to suit your taste. Relaxation is a high priority, just feel the stress peel away.

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Address: Linton Motor Yacht Charters, Chatham Maritime Marina, The Lock Building, Chatham Martime, Leviathon Way, Chatham, Kent, ME4 4LP, UK
Phone: +44 1622 741303
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