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Llanvair Discoed Castle: Castle is 12th to 13th century. Also there are standing stones dating from the Neolithic period up to the Bronze Age and an Iron Age hill fort at Llanmelin, about one mile east of the village overlooking the Castrogi Brook and with distant views of the Severn estuary. The fort covers an area of 2.2 hectares, with a small outpost enclosure to the north-east. It is believed to have been first built around the 4th century BC, and rebuilt and extended in the 1st century BC. Earthworks adjoining the fort to the south-east have been interpreted as funerary enclosures, suggesting to some that the fort was used as an oppidum or small town by the Silures.

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Monmouthshire, Gwent, Wales, Great Britain, UK, Europe
Llanmelin Wood Hill Fort, Llanvair Discoed


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