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The minimum size of still required for full production whisky distilling in the UK is 1800 litres. Loch Ewe Distillery stills have an approx volume of 120 litres. Here at Loch Ewe Distillery everything is done by hand. A match is required to light the flame underneath the pot, the pot is filled with water, the water heated to 65 degrees, then malted barley is added and stirred by hand for approx. 3 hours using a spurtle. The barley is then removed from the sweet water via a collander with the excess being collected after pressing with a turnip masher. Yeast is then added to the sweet water and 'hidden' in the fermentation vessel for three days. The fermented mash is then returned to the still and the first distillation commences. Once again the flame must be lit by a match. Every last drop of alcohol is returned for the second distillation. During the second distillation we take and record ABV readings throughout the process. We use the old fashioned method to check for feints and foreshots as we do not have a spirit safe.

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Address: Loch Ewe Distillery, Drumchork Estate, Aultbea, Wester Ross, Highlands, IV22 2HU, UK
Phone: +44 1445 731242
Email: info@lochewedistillery.co.uk

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