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Lower Wood Weston Colville: Lower Wood offers a fairly long walk among its 22 acres fragment of typical ancient woodland. Pigs still grazed here in the 1960s and evidence of the woods long history can still be seen especially in the pollarded oaks which grow on the wood bank. There introduction of traditional coppicing for woodland products has recreated the appearance of the wood as it was in centuries past. The springtime and summer brings vibrant colour to the wood and fungii is in much evidence in the autumn.

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6 miles northeast of Linton. Take the B1052 from Linton towards Newmarket and go through Balsham. Turn right in Weston Colville to Weston Green. In Weston Green turn left opposite the post office into Three Horseshoes Lane. Drive to the end of the road and park in the farmyard (please do not block access) and continue on foot 500 m up the farm track to the corner of the wood.


Nearest railway station is Dullingham.


By bus Cambridge to Haverhill to Weston Green then walk 1 mile.


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Address: Lower Wood, The Manor House, Broad Street, Great Cambourne, Cambridge CB23 6DH, UK.
Phone: +44 01954 713500
Email: cambridgeshire@wildlifebcnp.org

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