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The Magheraveely Marl Loughs comprises six loughs low-lying loughs in the catchment of the River Finn. Biological interest is related to the presence of vegetation, which reflects these calcareous conditions. This includes rich and extensive stonewort (Charophyte) communities including several rare and local species, including Chara aspera, Chara curta, Chara hispida and Chara pedunculata.

Characteristic species include, the lesser tussock sedge, long stalked yellow sedge and glaucous sedge. Other frequent, yet scarce species in other parts of Northern Ireland, include marsh arrowgrass, quaking-grass and more notably, marsh helleborine, grass-of-Parnassus, knotted pearlwort and fen bedstraw. Calcareous fen containing great fen-sedge is also present within the site.

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