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Marksman Leisure Laser Tag: This revolutionary new combat game is playable either outdoors or indoors. No Pain, No Paint, No Mess, making it a great combat game for children's and adults.

Laser Tag is the modern clean way to play paintball style games. Our phasers fire lasers with a range of approx 75m outdoors or 15 metres indoors. Visual and sound effects together with real time scoring make Laser-Tag a market leader. Team on Team or Single Team scenarios.

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Laser Clay Shooting

The genuine deactivated over and under shotguns fire harmless infra red light at reusable clays. A digital scoreboard records Hits and Misses for all to see.

Indoor Target Shooting

Random programmable static shotguntargets are used indoors on themed backdrops such as, Moons and Planets, Wild West, Country Birds, Mission Impossible or even your own specific logos or theme.

C Traget

C-Target is an indoor multi-target reaction game which can be played using the Cyber-Tag Crystal phaser. C-Target consists of 12 small target modules that are mounted on a backdrop of your choice. The backdrop can be themed or simply black.

A set of 12 indoor targets would occupy a target area 5m x 2m. The target modules terminate at a small interface unit which can be mains or battery operated.


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Address: Laser Tag, Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, B60 4HS, UK
Phone: +44 1527 575141

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