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Pavenham Osier Beds: In summer, the attractive riverside setting draws visitors from the nearby public footpath to see meadow-rue, an uncommon flower of wet meadows, in full bloom. Encouraged by the rich fertile soil, banks of nettles grow here too, the leaves of which in turn feed the caterpillars of several butterflies seen regularly in gardens, such as small tortoiseshell, peacock and red admiral.

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4 miles north-west of Bedford. Take the A6 north and turn left about one and a half miles out of Bedford towards Oakley and Pavenham. Just into Oakley, turn right into Pavenham Road. After two miles you arrive in Pavenham. Go past the turning to Felmersham on the right and shortly after this turn left where the road bends to the right into Mill Lane. Park here on the roadside and follow the Public Footpath on the left to the reserve.


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