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Pinchbeck Fen Slipe: There are wide areas of grassland which flood when river levels are high, wet marsh pools, borrow pits and a roadside dyke

There are extensive areas of water crowfoot, patches of water violet and, in the roadside dyke banks, yellow loosestrife. Yellow rattle, common fleabane and ragged robin are also present. Breeding birds include great crested grebe, mallard, coot, reed warbler, reed bunting, whitethroat. Barn owls can be seen hunting over the reserve.

In the winter months, large numbers of wildfowl are attracted to the river including wigeon, mallard, teal, tufted duck and goosander. Winter flocks of lapwing and golden plover can also be present on adjacent fields. There is a small woodland area with mature hawthorn hedge which attracts thrush species.

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Pinchbeck Fen Slipe is a linear nature reserve, approximately 2 miles long. It is situated on the south side of the River Glen, between the river and Slipe Drove.


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