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Police Museum, Ripon: A building which formed part of the former House of Correction and Liberty Gaol. In the yard are items such as a pillory, a pair of stocks, a whipping post and a Police Box. On entering the museum, the reception area is home to a rather sombre scene with a desk manned by an old fashioned Constable dressed in a closed neck tunic. In the next room, an audio visual presentation about the museum and the various displays therein, also about policing from Anglo Saxon Times to the formation of the Professional Police in 1829. Next to visit is the room which used to be the Chapel when it was a prison and a parade room, mess room and report writing room when it was a police station. The theme here is Police uniforms and headgear. Also on the ground floor are displays of Police Insignia and about 20th Century and Present Day Policing. On the first floor you will see a prisoner in a Victorian Cell and can also experience what it is like to be in a cell.

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Address: Prison & Police Museum, St. Marygate, Ripon, Yorkshire, UK
Phone: +44 1765 690799
Email: info@riponmuseums.co.uk
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