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Red Rocks Marsh is a coastal reserve covering 10 acres (4 hectares) of sand dunes, reedbeds and marsh. The reedbed is important for many species of wintering birds and the open pools support the rare natterjack toad. The reserve lies within the Red Rocks SSSI (Site of Special Scientific Interest).

The reserve consists of two dune ridges and a reed bed. The dominant grass of the dunes on the reserve is marram grass with other dune plants such as sea milkwort growing amongst it. The reedbed is dominated with common reed though there are considerable areas of sea club-rush. At the rear of the reedbed, various species of horsetails flourish. Throughout the reedbed there are scattered trees consisting of alder and willow. The margins of the reedbed are the most botanically rich part of the reserve. Over 50 species of flowering plant have been recorded including parsley piert, quaking grass, Danish scurvey grass, wild asparagus and various orchid species.

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