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Rydal Mount Gardens: Garden - The garden contains a wide variety of rare shrubs and trees and has spectacular views towards both Lake Windermere and Rydal Water.

House - On the first floor three of the family bedrooms are open to the public, William and Marys, Dorothy Wordsworths and Dora Wordsworths. On the second floor - Wordsworth added the Study at the top of the house while he lived at Rydal Mount. It currently contains a number of manuscripts and books as well as the sword which belonged to John Wordsworth, the poets younger brother, and which was recovered from the wreck of the Earl of Abergavenny.

We currently have 2 different tours - The House and Garden Tour and The Garden only Tour.

The House and Garden Tour - Tour includes a guided tour of the historical gardens landscaped by the poet and remaining close to his original design. Enjoy the views of Lake Windermere and Rydal Water; experience a little of the romantic ambience of this natural garden. Relax in the poets library with a glass of chilled white wine and some famous Grasmere gingerbread, soaking up the history of this period of the Romantics as the words of the poet are read.

Then experience the lived-in family atmosphere as you wander freely through the historical house of Englands Poet Laureate (1843).

The Garden Tour Only - Enjoy a guided tour of this natural garden from the period of the Romantics, which include Wordsworth, Coleridge, Byron, Keats. Admire the magnificent views of Lake Windermere, Rydal Water and the beautiful Fells of Englands Lake District while sipping a refreshing glass of wine and nibbling some famous Grasmere gingerbread. Soak up the peaceful atmosphere of this most beautiful and enjoyable spot, so wrote Dr Thomas Arnold, one of William Wordsworths friends, while some of Wordsworths poetry, which is so closely related to nature, is read to you.

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Address: Rydal Mount and Gardens, Rydal, Near Ambleside, Cumbria, LA22 9LU, UK
Phone: +44 15394 33002
Email: info@rydalmount.co.uk

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