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The gardens at Saling Hall compress into the relatively small space of 12 acres much of the tradition of the English country house, its park and pleasure grounds.

Saling is a garden of moods. The philosophy in designing it has been to evoke different responses by deliberately enclosing or releasing the visitor in tighter or more open spaces, each with a mood of its own. Some are bright, airy, high-coloured, others romantic with the play of water in shadow, or tranquil with patterns of trunks and leaves. It uses sculpture as reference points to memories of the classical world or the orient. It uses plants for their intrinsic beauty and botanical interest, but also for the many different senses of place and mood they can contribute to a frankly escapist horticultural excursion.

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Opening times (May - July):
--14:00 - 17:00----

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Address: Great Saling, Braintree, Essex, CM7 5DT, UK
Phone: +44 1371 850243

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