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Salts Walks: The walks take approximately 1 hour. You'll be given a bookmark which tells you about one of the hundreds of folk who actually lived here. During your walk, you'll get to know more about your character. You'll see what house your character lived in, where they worked and find out who they married. Maybe you'll be little Sarah Ann Baker who lived at 2 Stable Cottage and was trained to be Sir Titus Salt's servant - or perhaps John Parley, an Overlooker who fell in love with Mary Denby. If you've got questions or special areas of interest in Saltaire - feel free to ask. Our Tour Guides are very knowledgeable as well as great entertainers (they're modest too!)

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Walks start from the shop "Magic Number Three" 2 Victoria Road Saltaire (opposite Salts Mill) and They depart at 2 p.m during Weekends & Bank Holidays.



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