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Scotair Balloons: You will receive a safety briefing, all pre-flight checks will be carried out and then we are off.

On a typical flight you will ascend to 2,500 feet after take off, where the pilot will take note of the wind speeds and directions at different altitudes. This process gives the pilot the information he requires to fly the Balloon into a suitable area landing.

Occasionally the winds can prove somewhat fickle and the pilot may make a decision to cut a flight short; fortunately this only happens on the odd occasion. On the other hand you may find yourself in the air for well over an hour. The distance travelled will depend on wind strength and direction, anywhere between 5 miles and 15 miles.

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Address: The Old Farmhouse, Skirling Mill, Biggar, Scottish Borders, ML12 6HB, UK
Phone: +44 1899 860334

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