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Shipley Glen Tramway: The Tramway has a gauge of 20" and there are two tracks with a pair of trams on each line. The maximum gradient is 1 in 7. Opened to the public on May 18th 1895, the Tramway was powered by a Suction Gas Engine, then Town Gas and then Oil (1915) before being converted to electric in 1928. The operator was a Sam Wilson who erected several other rides on the Glen and is the oldest working cable tramway in Great Britain (cliff lifts excepted). The line was built to serve the local beauty of Shipley Glen, near Saltaire in West Yorkshire. At nearly a quarter-mile in length, the woodland ride provides a pleasant alternative to the steep path.

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Glen Tramway, Shipley Glen Cable Tramway


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The Tramway is open most weekend afternoons throughout the year.

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Address: Tramway Office, Prod Lane, Baildon, Shipley, West Yorkshire, BD17 5BN, UK
Phone: +44 1274 589010

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