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Sutherland Grove: A range of woodland walks through a diverse landscape of fir trees, waterfalls, ancient oakwood and working forest. The grove trail is a 0.75 mile circular walk past the gorge and waterfall. Glen dubh walk is 1.5 miles long which follows the river giving views of the gorge, waterfalls and trees. Lochan walk is a circular waymarked trail up to Glen Dubh Reservoir and is three miles. Troll trail is more adventurous as it takes the walker across the gorge to see an ancient oakwood and is two miles long.

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How to get here


From the south, west and east:
Take the A85 to Connel then follow signs for Fort William on the A828. Follow the road for approximately nine miles to Barcaldine. The entrance to the car park is 300m east of the campsite at Barcaldine and village primary school.

From the North:
Head for Oban on the A828 and cross the Creagan bridge.


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